10 Of The Worst Airline Disasters in History

Traveling by air is the fastest and safest mode of transportation but there will always be exceptions. Since the birth of air travel, a number of airline disasters have occurred. If you fear flying, this list might fuel your panic but rest assured it was decades ago and the aviation has since then evolved and been developed so technically it’s still the safest mode of transportation.

But back in the day disasters happened and these are the worst among them.


10. Korean Airlines Flight 007


Fatalities: 269

On September 1983 at New York’s JFK airport, Korean Airlines Flight 007 made a stop in Anchorage, Alaska to refuel. After the takeoff from Seoul, the crew set the plane on autopilot but the plane began drifting off the course and headed towards Soviet territory. The crew was not aware of the failed autopilot and announced the plane’s landing at Seoul Gimpo Airport after a few hours. Minutes later the pilot announced an emergency descent 200 miles away from its planned route.

The Soviets fired warning shots at the plane but the cockpit crew was unaware of the situation. Two fighter jets were sent to stop the KAL flight, contacted the passenger jet but failed to receive a response thus the fighters sent a heat seeking missile. KAL 007 was hit and crashed down into the Sea of Japan.

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