What Did You Miss From The Latest Most Watched Game Of Thrones Episode Stormborn? Here Are Six Of Them

3. Arya and Nymeria’s meeting

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It was a very brief moment but a tinge of sadness can be felt. A pack of wolves appeared and surrounded Arya as she takes the path home to North. Behind her, a giant dire wolf crept. It was Nymeria, the direwolf she chased away to protect her from being killed. As she departs, Arya offered Nymeria to come home with her but the now wild direwolf just turned around and left.

“That’s not you,” she exclaimed.

It dawned on her that Nymeria is not the same anymore and having the direwolf on her side is not what she is now. A look back to season one will give us a seemingly similar situation. Back when she refused Ned’s prediction that she will be a wife of a great lord, “No, that’s not me” is what Arya retorted. And now those words seem to be that of Nymeria.

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