Top Celebrities You Didnt Know Smoked

Let’s face it, smoking is a deeply rooted habit in the society and more people
are getting hooked to smoking. Smoking has several adverse effects which
outweigh its benefits by far. Smoking leads to addiction which is a hard
battle to win. You will hear people confess that they are willing to
quit smoking but they just can’t because they are hooked.

Despite the stigma associated with smoking, a number of celebrities fall
victim too. Below is a list of celebrities who can’t go a day without
a cigar;


You read it right, Adele is a smoker! The Grammy award winner, who is
adored by many across the globe, openly admitted that she is a smoker.
Now, next time you see her on the screen, you will have an additional
fact you know about her.

Brad Pitt

Born on December 18 1963, the American actor and producer is a
well-known star who has featured in several movies. He has been awarded
the Screen Actors Guild Award and a Golden globe Award. Brad Pitt has
been trying to quit the habit of smoking but he has not been successful.

Katy Perry

Katheryn Elizabeth is an American singer, songwriter and actress who
began pursuing singing at a very young age. Along the way she picked up
the habit of smoking and has been smoking for almost a decade now. She
openly admitted that she is a smoker and that it is not her best habit.

Lindsay Lohan

Lohan began building her career as young as the age of ten when she
featured on the soap opera Another World. Lohan is addicted to several
things and we can’t say that cigarettes are her worst. Her smoking is
only getting worse and we can only hope that she moderates her smoking.

Mary-Kate Olsen

Kate Olsen is a fashion designer, producer and a businesswoman probably
picked up the habit of smoking while in New York where smoking is a
common practice.

Gwyneth Paltrow

The well-known American actress, singer, and food writer is a smoker.
The self-proclaimed nutritionist claims that she only takes one
cigarette per week to help her relax.

Keira Knightley

Keira began acting as a child on television and to those of us who love
movies have definitely come across her face in several movies. She
admitted that she is a smoker and that she believes smoking is hot.


To many of us, the fact that Rihanna is a smoker might come as a shock.
The radiant songwriter, actress and singer picked up the smoking habit
in her early 20s. She has publicly admitted that she has taken steps to
cut down her nicotine intake in a bid to quit smoking for good. Well,
let’s hope that she succeeds.

Kirsten Dunst

The American actress, singer and actress has a smoking habit though she
does not talk about it. It is reported that she has been spotted from
time to time catching a puff here and there.


Alecia Beth who is an American born singer and songwriter also features
in the list of celebrities who smoke. Though she is dedicated to her
fitness routine, we can only hope that she quits smoking.


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