These 10 Disappointing Translators Should Really Just Quit Their Job

There are so many languages spoken around the world that we can’t imagine, and I mean, some of us can’t even manage to learn just one much less all of them! I think translating is very cool, but difficult. There is some sort of beauty that lies in being able to fluently speak a language other than the one you’ve known ever since you were born. You are able to go through a full experience when you visit a foreign country with a foreign language that you’ve learnt. You eat their cultural food, visit their historical sights and speak their unique language.

While some of us may learn a language for the fun of being able to communicate for ourselves when we travel to foreign speaking countries, translating is a full-time job for a lot of people. Like everything else, there is the good and the bad, and these translators definitely fell into the bad category. Check out this list of 10 translators who did a terrible job at their craft.


  1. This person who might need to go back to kindergarten to learn about animals.

terrible translation 1

  1. Am I the only one who finds this alarming?

terrible translation 2

  1. It is plain obvious that this translator was just bored of his job.

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