Naomi Watts On The Cover of Vogue Australia: Stunning, Bold, and Honest

Naomi Watts adorned the cover of Vogue Australia’s June issue. The 48-year-old actress and film producer showed off her timeless beauty and her penchant for style. The British-born personality posed for a stunning cover shoot and the high-fashion looks are a sight to behold. It was photographed by Emma Summerton and styled by Christine Centenera.

Let’s see some sneak peek:


Naomi wearing a Givenchy dress,  jumpsuit, and shoes in plaid perfection! Reclining on the vintage chair gives the picture an air of boldness.



The Armani Prive one-shoulder gown hugs her slim figure. The vintage-style bed accentuates her daring beauty.



Naomi wears a Chanel Haute Couture white gown with laced veil in a black in white photo. In all honesty, it’s alluring.



A close up photo of the previous one, zooming in to reveal the delicate lace pattern of the veil.



Alongside the cover shoot, Naomi shared bits and pieces about her work and family.

“We don’t explore desire from a female point of view that much, particularly for women my age, That makes it [Gypsy] so much more appealing for me, because there’s this fear as you edge into your mid-life that it’s all done and dusted and that it’s all over, and that’s just not the case,” Naomi regarding her career and the new Netflix TV drama Gypsy where she plays the role of a therapist. “I’m here to tell the stories, not just to go to work and get paid by great actors and directors; it’s more than that. It has to be stuff that you’re connecting with if it’s bringing something back into your own life. If it’s not growing me, then what’s the point?”

She also opened up to Vogue Australia on her split with her ex, Liev Schreiber. The star called off their 11-year union in September last year and revealed that the two of them are in good terms.

“He’s a fantastic dad, a wonderful, wonderful man, and we still want the absolute best for each other,” she said that they’re co-parenting the children. “There are good days and bad days and Liev and I are on great terms and we’re trying to do our absolute best for the sake of the children and we hope to keep moving forward in that way.”


In their 11 years together, the couple had two sons, Alexander Peter (9) and Samuel Kai (8). When asked about her current status, she confirmed that she’s single.

“I’m single, I’m co-parenting. I’m doing OK,” she said.

The issue lined the stands and has been on sale since May 22.


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