Mother and Daughter Humiliate an Obese Woman Trying on a Wedding Dress, But What the Storekeeper Did Next Was Unbelievable


When values ​​are not part of a person’s personality, they are more likely to tease, humiliate and be cruel. Above all they can be abusive to those who have low self-esteem or are of a very docile nature.


Is it necessary for someone else to step in to make these people see they are committing an injustice?

Fortunately also there are people with a good heart who do not allow these types of acts to continue and they do what is possible to stop that behavior because it is understood that we are all equal and deserve respect.

“The worst thing in society is not ignorance, the worst thing is that with all the education in the world, we still act ignorant.”

In a bridal shop, there was a young overweight woman trying on a dress for the day that she had dreamed of so much. While on the other side of the store was another slender young woman along with her mother looking at the dresses also for her special day.



When they look at the young woman with extra kilos, they do not lose the opportunity to secrete themselves and make fun of her. The spoiled girl, a typical girl who has always had everything but education, tells her mother that she does not understand how someone can find a man to marry, while her mother, who could have expected a smarter answer, Replies: “I did not know whales also mated.”


How much stupidity and ignorance wrapped up in just two bodies, don’t you think?

Supposedly the women spoke in a low tone but the young woman had heard the conversation they were having, which she could not help feeling bad, humiliated and trampled. She tried to escape the place, leaving the veil in the hands of the staff that helped her with the dress.

Without thinking twice the staff stops her and then approaches the young woman who was accompanied by her mother. It turns out that the staff was the manager of the bridal store.

“If you think that you will find the ideal dress in my store you are very wrong”, says the manager to the mean young woman and this how she responded: “The wrong one is you because I have already found it and I have paid for the dress, in fact I am about to take it home now. “

The boss asks for her name and cancels the order. She gets a receipt from the cash register and hands it to the young woman. Without missing a step, she continues that it is the receipt for the payment and that the young woman must remove herself the bridal shop because she refuses to help her, otherwise she would call the police.

Annoyed by the action of the boss, the young woman starts to throw everything from the store, not understanding the manager did that a week before her wedding. The mother tries to intervene by saying that the dress had been designed particularly for her daughter, how could she cancel something that has cost them so much.
At this, the boss responds: “I refuse to help someone who humiliates and offends and does not care about hurting the feelings of other people. In my store I do not want any girl to believe that she does not deserve to be married by the way she looks, in my store there is no space for people as unpleasant as you and I still have information on your daughter’s credit card, so all the wreckage will be charged to her as well,”

Without being able to do anything else the two women left the store furious while the other customers applauded the action of the boss. With tears in her eyes, the young woman with a few extra pounds embraces her and thanks the manager for defending her.

The boss has a daughter who also suffers from thyroid gland issues as her client, and constantly fights with her weight, but that fight is no worse than the daily fight with people who judge, point and criticize without knowing what is truly behind the suffering.

Let’s recap! Appearance does not make us better or worse than others, nobody is perfect and without a doubt, we all deserve respect and a good deal. Let us stop pointing fingers and become judgmental, instead lets begin to love and look with the eyes of a kind heart.

What do think the modus operandi of the boss? Please leave your opinion in the comments.

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