Michael Bublé’s Son Won the Battle against Cancer

A few months ago, Michael Buble and his wife Luisiana Lopilato received heart-breaking news, one that no father ever wants to hear: his little Noah, who was only three years old, had cancer.

He was diagnosed after visiting the doctor for an alleged case of mumps.

Michael Buble and his son Noah

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Fortunately, early detection of this disease in young children has a greater chance of survival. And after months of struggling, the little angel overcame the terrible condition.

The news was confirmed by the sister of Louisiana, Daniela Lopilato: “There is no more cancer. Thank God he is recovering. We are very happy that it is so. Let the popes talk when they want to. There is no more cancer. ”

Noah was operated on January 30 and the malignant tumor was removed. After a thorough examination, doctors confirmed that cancer had disappeared and no trace of the disease was found.


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Michael is a loving father who would give everything for his children, last year, just a month before the diagnosis he gave an interview for the magazine Entertainment Tonight in which he talked about his children:

“I love you more than I have ever loved anything or anyone in this universe. I think he gave me a perspective on life that I might need and did not know. Fatherhood makes me better in everything; it allows me to get more of my emotions and be more sincere in every moment. The only thing I regret in life is not that it took me a long time to have a child because I had no idea of​the perspective that would give me, nor did I know how much I would like to be a dad. ”

According to the Macmillan UK center, 82% of children with cancer survive thanks to new treatments and rapid diagnostic methods.

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Cases such as this make the day brighter. Noah, like all children, deserves a full and happy life alongside his family and loved ones.

If you have questions or questions about cancer, you can find information on the website of the US National Cancer Institute (in Spanish) or the Macmillan website.

Remember to share this note to support all the little ones who fight cancer every day and show them that YES YOU CAN.



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