Johnny Depp Threatened To Do Video Confession?

Actor Johnny Depp and Amber Heard his wife published an apology for not properly declaring the entry of his two dogs to Australia last year. Wife, Amber Heard was the most guilty, potentially facing 10 years in prison and a fines of $265,000.

Depp’s wife escaped smuggling charges dogs in a court ruling on Monday afternoon, April 17th 2016. The actress pleaded guilty to forgery, two counts of illegal importation him were dropped.

In a YouTube video of apology issued to the Queensland Court on Monday, Heard, who looked pretty serious, sits next to Depp to declare that they are really sorry for not having “Pistol and Boo declared. Protecting Australia is important. ”

“Australia is free of many pests and diseases THAT ARE common PLACE AROUND The world. THAT IS WHY Australia must have such strict biosecurity laws. “

And Depp added:

“Australians are unique, warm and direct. When YOU DISRESPECT AUSTRALIAN LAW, THEY WILL TELL YOU firmly. Declares EvERYTHING when you ENTER Australia “.

It was the gesture of the actor and star of dozens of blockbusters what sparked thousands of comments around the world. “Here is the best performance by Johnny Depp,” said one viewer.

“I didn’t think Depp was capable of an unconvincing performance. Wrong,” said Justin Smith, host of 3AW radio talk show in Australia.

At the end of the public “sorry” that they recorded, Depp advises: “Declare all when entering Australia” and mutters a shy “thanks”, which seems more of a mockery and made it seem more of a hostage video being taken before an ISIS execution, than a sincere apology.

Obviously , the video has already generated many reactions on social networks, but our favorite was this video made by youtuber  Natalie Tran, who recreates the hilarious “behind the scenes” of what was the video recording of forgiveness.

Check it out below – we had a good laugh!

Video credit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y4Xh2KBI4I0

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