How ‘Brexit’ Affects Americans Right Now – YES YOU!

It’s all over the news – Great Britain has left the EU (European Union) hence the name, Brexit.

We are thousands of miles away but did you know that it still affects Americans? How you ask? Let us tell you:

  1. Mortgage Rates


    The rates are at the lowest in 3 years at 3.5 percent but with the exit of Britain from the EU, it’s expected to drop even more.

  2. 401K and Retirement
    401k jar


    401K plans are long-term investments so it’s advisable not make any quick decisions or big changes in your portfolio.

  3. Travel Plans to UK/Europe
    arrows pointing usa and britain


    One benefit is that the British pound has dropped. That means that traveling to the UK now will be in your favor as the dollar will go further.

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