How an Australian man milked a $2M bank glitch and walked free after blowing it on strippers and cocaine

One day, Luke Brett Moore realized his bank (St. George) had mistakenly given unlimited credit on his account.

Luke was a young 22 year-old Australian who had just lost his job when he discovered that his bank had authorized him an unlimited overdraft account.

“It sounds incredible, but my intention was never to take all the money the bank gave and not returning it.
Basically, I was waiting for the bank to contact me and say, “Hey, I want this amount of money back.”

Moore’s account was empty but whenever the bills arrived, the bank was taking care of them, automatically. First was a payment for his mortgage and a couple of weeks later, another payment taken care of.

Since the bills were magically paid off, Luke decided to try something different. This is his story as explained to the BBC.

“I called a local loan company and said ‘Hey, can you directly debit $ 5,000 to my account St George?’. And then, a couple of days later, I asked for $50,000. They approved both”.

What would most 22-year olds do with a bottomless bank account? Spend.

Moore and best firend


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