Couple spends “family time” with their two weeks departed daughter

They say there is no worse pain in the world than seeing your child leave forever. The death of a loved one and the mourning that ensues is always difficult to accept and to achieve resignation. This UK couple was no different.


Charlotte and Attila Szakacs is a British couple with a very peculiar history. It’s September of last year when Charlotte was in the 20th week of her pregnancy, they received heart-breaking news: their little girl, Evlyn, suffered from a chromosomal abnormality that gave her a very short life expectancy.

“When we received the news, Attila and I broke down completely. I think more at that time than when she died, “ Charlotte said.

They welcomed the little girl with all the love that can be given, however, Evlyn was born with an undeveloped brain, clogged lungs, and a narrow aorta, unfortunately barely four weeks after reaching this world, she died.


After what happened, the couple asked for a favor to which the health authorities allowed. The parents were permitted to live with their deceased daughter for 16 days -12 I the hospital and 4 at home- before dismissing the body forever.

Charlotte and Attila shared this experience in their social networks. They walked little Evlyn and took her to a park, she slept at home in specially equipped refrigerated crib prepared by the hospital employees so that they could keep the body during the days.


“Last night she slept in the crib we had prepared for her,” Charlotte said, “I know it may not be the best option for everyone, but it was so important for us to have that family time and be able to hug our little girl. I think spending time with her made a difference. Being able to do all the things you imagine like taking her out in a stroller helped us emotionally. ”

According to Dr. Michelle Hills, a pediatrician at the Martin Housey Hospital, “This helps them create memories. Some families want to push their baby into the stroller they bought, take her home to the crib they have prepared. Help in the grieving process “.


Without a doubt, it is an experience that will generate controversy. But before criticizing, we must understand the suffering of the couple.


And you, what do you think of the decision that this family took as a form of farewell, do you think it was a good decision by the authorities to allow it?


How to help a family that has lost their baby?


  • Listen to what parents say about their loss, the love of a parent is something that cannot be measured in weeks or months.
  • Use the baby’s name if you have chosen one.
  • Keep in touch with them to keep them from feeling alone.
  • Do not avoid mourning parents just because you feel uncomfortable.
  • Do not suggest what a grieving parent should do or feel. Everyone lives this stage in a different way.
  • Do not stop supporting the parents after a few days or weeks.
  • Do not assume that a new pregnancy or baby will cancel the pain of a recent loss.
  • Do not forget to leave us your opinion in the comments. Remember to share and support us with likes.





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