A Woman Drags a Swan To Take a Selfie, What Happens Next is Horrifying

How far can the ignorance, vanity, and wickedness of some people go?


There is no doubt that the main danger to the ecosystem of our planet is human beings, sadly and ironically enough.

The images that we show you next have caused great controversy and indignation.  It was circulated in social networks, news and in millions of accounts that show the level of anger and disgust towards the woman who did not have the slightest respect for nature. Due to her ignorance, an innocent bird’s life ended.


The crime, because it cannot be called otherwise, occurred in Ohrid, Macedonia when a tourist traveling from Bulgaria was insistent on taking a picture with a swan.

She did not hesitate to remove it from the lake by force although the swan repeatedly resisted and tried to escape. The unidentified woman smiled for a photo while holding the visibly distressed swan by its wings.


When she finally got her way and took the picture she so stupidly longed for, the woman let go of the swan but it remained motionless and did not return to the lake. It stayed a few minutes on the shore and unfortunately died.

The capricious woman murdered an innocent creature and she doesn’t look like there’s any remorse or even looking a bit guilty about it. When will these people realize that animals also deserve our respect?

They shouldn’t pay for our ridicule and ignorance, they don’t exist to amuse us or to fulfill our endless vanities, let alone our whims.

the ignorant woman pulling the swan's wing


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