9 All-Time Favorite Perfumes

A couple of us have a signature scent we’ve used since forever, others mix fragrances up depending on their mood but still, others are in the dark when it comes to choosing their perfume. But don’t worry, there’s a fragrance that suits everyone. All you have to do is find the perfect match, and hopefully, this list of all-time favorite scents can help.


1. Le Labo Rose 31


Perfumer Daphne Bugery of Le Labo, a perfumery in New York City, is the creator of this scent. Rose fragrances are sometimes hard to wear but not Rose 31. It has a mild rose scent with earthy undertones and soft spices. The rose scent is full and prominent but at the same time soft and subdued as the fragrance dries down. Rose 31 is perfect for those who prefer spicy woods with a hint of rose. The scent is poured into a simple bottle with a silver cylinder cap and a description posted on it.

“Wow. An amazing rose scent. Rosey enough for a woman to wear, woodsy enough for a man. Beautiful grass rose with a smokey wood undertone. Suitable for formal or everyday wear. I think it smells more in place during the winter months because it has a holiday vibe to it. Up there with Rose Ikebana at the top of the rose fragrances for me.” –travis (

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