8 Out of This World Grandparents: Yes They Exist!

Grandparents are expected to stay at home and care for their grandchildren. Some even have a regular visit to a doctor and seldom go out to far places. But believe it or not, there are grandparents out there who are living life to the fullest even at their ripe age. Do they really exist? Yes they do, they’re like fine wines that got better with age.


1. Ding Bingcai


As an 85-year-old farmer, Ding Bingcai had never once worn a suit. But when he moved to the Southeast City of Xiamen China, his grandson Ding Guoliang had done something special for him. Guoliang, a fashion photographer, made his grandpa wear suit and started taking pictures of him. Aside from wanting to show him what he does for a living, Guoliang will use the project to bring awareness on caring for the elderly. And when the photos were released, it instantly became viral and had earned Bingcai the name “Hipster Grandpa”.


2. Kenneth Harmon


In March 2016, Kelsey Harmon tweeted a photo of her grandfather sadly eating alone. It was his birthday and he cooked hamburger but only one of his 6 grandchildren showed up. Around 10 days after the photo was posted online and had become viral, Kenneth had a cookout to which a hundred people attended. People wanted the “Sad Grandpa” to feel better and make him smile, it was a success.

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