8 Of The Most Charitable Hollywood Celebrities

7. Taylor Swift

source: https://www.agent.media

People sometimes criticize the singer’s music and personal life but they don’t know about her huge heart. She is one of the most giving celebrity; donating to charities and helping people in need. Taylor does charity as if it’s her lifeline.  Swifties must be proud of her, we are too. This is just a glimpse of what Taylor Swift had done for charity through the years although it doesn’t justify the totality.

  • When Louisiana was flooded, people suffered damaged and had to be evacuated. The singer pledged $1 million to Louisiana Flood Relief
  • The singer visited children’s hospitals, putting a smile on the children’s faces and donated $50,000 to the children’s hospital in Philadelphia
  • Profits from her “Welcome to New York” song was given to public schools in New York
  • Christma of 2014, her fans had received gifts on their doorsteps with a heartfelt note from the singer. It was a fun Swiftmas for the Swifties.
  • The fallen Marine, Sergeant Wade Wilson, is a big fan of Taylor. When his family reached out to the singer, she called the family and sent flowers with a note, “Wade, Thank you for loving my music. I won’t forget it and I’ll never forget you. All my love, Taylor Swift.”

“No matter what happen in life, be good to people. Being good to people is a wonderful legacy to leave behind.”

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