8 Of The Most Charitable Hollywood Celebrities

5. Beyoncé

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A singer, a dancer, an actress, and a philanthropist, Beyoncé is all of the above. She is able to balance her career and her dedication to philanthropy. Being involved in charities is one of Beyoncé’s greatest achievements. And to list down some;

  • For her Formation World Tour, she is partnering up with charities to help improve the poisoned water crisis in Flint, Michigan.
  • Together with Kelly Rowland, the singer founded the Survivor Foundation. The organization started when the two decided to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina.
  • To empower women, she established Beyoncé Cosmetology center with her mother. It is a seven-month program that helps women pull through from addiction to alcohol and drugs.
  • In her Mrs. Carter Show World Tour, some proceeds of the ticket sales in some stops were given to Goodwill. It will be used to help people who are out-of-work find job.
  • Beyoncé was an Ambassador of World Children’s Day in 2015. She released the song “Stand Up for Love” and it became an anthem for the annual event.

“I work closely with a number of charities from food pantries to drug rehabilitation to natural disaster relief to preventing sexual exploitation of young girls. It is one of the most rewarding things I do.”


6. Miley Cyrus

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Daring and wild, that’s what people view her as but there’s more to the crazy persona she shows to the public. Miley actually has a big heart and she learned it from her parents. Her name often pops up on the top list of most charitable celebrities.

  • In 2007, Miley helped rebuild the City of Hope, a non-profit clinical research center and hospital dedicated to preventing and curing cancer.
  • During her Best of Both Worlds tour, at every ticket sold, $1 goes to charity. It had raised over $1 million.
  • She helped launch the Get Ur Good On Initiative with Youth Service America. The organization aims to give young people opportunity to help others.
  • She had given out 150 wishes through Make-A-Wish Foundation.
  • When the devastating earthquake hit Haiti, the singer had actively taken part in charities to help the victims of the tragedy.
  • She also supported the Feeding America program to help end poverty in her home country.
  • Miley launched The Happy Hippie foundation. It is a safe place for the homeless young people.

“If you pick up a guitar when you’re 8 you’re really good at it by the time you’re 20. It’s the same with giving back. My family has been visiting Kentucky coal-mine towns since I was little. We take clothes, gifts, and school supplies. It’s an eye opener for me, seeing families here in America living in Third World conditions. And it makes me want to make a difference. The truth is, it’s never too early to get involved. Someday today’s kids will be running for President. Now is our prep time. We need to get some practice in before we save the world.”

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