8 Of The Best TV Series to Watch Now

Wondering what to watch next on television? Looking for a series to binge watch? We have a list you might want to check out. How many of them have you watched yet?


1. Twin Peaks: Season 3

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The 1990 ABC series Twin Peaks returns with a sequel after almost 27 years. Twin Peaks: The Return is led by the original star Kyle MacLachlan together with a group of returning casts and new cast members. David Nevins, Showtime president, spoke about the plot of the new series, that “the core of it is Agent Cooper’s odyssey back to Twin Peaks.” Homecoming Queen Laura Palmer died a shocking death in a north-western town and after 25 years, mysteries start to unfold. This Showtime reboot of the Lynch series is as good as the original and even greater. It is surely worth the wait.


2. Better Call Saul: Season 3

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Better Call Saul is a Breaking Bad spin-off prequel and it too is all about consequences. Saul’s return was faced with a tape recording of Jimmy’s confession and the story is depicted in a detail-oriented manner, “the devil is in the details”.  Following it forerunner’s footsteps, the TV series garnered nominations in Emmy, Writers Guild of America, Choice Television Award, and Golden Globes. It is ranked as good as ‘Breaking Bad’.

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