7 Must-See Sky Events this 2017

Among the many eye-catching astronomical shows coming up, 2017 may be best remembered for the much anticipated total eclipse of the sun that will cross the continental United States in August.


Comet 45P / HMP

a fuzzball whizzing past Earth

source: https://media.mnn.com/assets/images/2016/12/comet-45P.jpg.838x0_q80.jpg

A comet will be swinging by Earth after rounding the sun in December 2016. Comet 45P/Honda-Mrkos-Pajdusakova will make an appearance in the dawn skies on its way back to the outer solar system. On February 11, the comet will reach its closest point to Earth at 7.7 million miles making it visible to the naked eye. The tiny but distinct fuzzball will zip away passing by the Aquila and Hercules constellation.

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