7 Famous Failures or So They Seemed

You may have seen those videos floating around Facebook – you know, the ones that show the people “before” they were known as success stories now?

Well these seven failures are no different and maybe you know their story, but maybe you don’t. These never lost hope and stuck to their craft despite what anyone said or what they themselves might have believed. They stuck to their plans and kept moving until they got what they wanted to achieve.

Making decisions are important and more important maybe the tenacity to implement those decisions and follow through with the proper actions as well.


7. J.K Rowling


J.K Rowling is a household name now known as one of the most prolific writers after JRR Tolkien in her world renowned bestselling novel series, Harry Potter. Before she became this person, she coped with numerous problems and difficulties to get there. Rowling was divorced, penniless, depressed and deprived – betcha didn’t know that!

She wrote the series when nobody believed in her (rejected 12 times) all the while raising her child as a single parent.


6. Jerry Seinfeld


Here’s another fact: Jerry Seinfeld was booed and insulted the very first time he performed on stage. How many of us would have just hung up the gloves and give up on our dreams? But that insult did not let the comedian down. It pushed him even closer towards the goal of success he laid down all the cards to make sure his dreams would come true one day.

Later that same night, he went back to perform on the exact same stage and wowed the crowd. Wonder what he did differently…hmm.

5. Oprah Winfrey


Winfrey was fired her job as a television reporter. Her employers (or someone out of their mind) claimed that she was not suitable for the job, forcing her to move on with her life and career. A blessing in disguise indeed.

Oprah did not lose hope obviously and is now the queen of television with her OWN network (hehe see what I did there?) after decades having her Oprah Winfrey Show. OWN stands for Oprah Winfrey Network by the way for those not in the know.

She now has programs with many motivational speakers such as Dheepak Chopra and is seen as a role model for thousands of people who seek positivity in their life.


4. Michael Jordan


It is alleged that Michael Jordan was not allowed to play basketball in his high school. What were they thinking?? Jordan is THE face of basketball and is likely the most famous of all basketball players of all time. His airtime when dunking baskets were unsurpassed back in the day.

3. Albert Einstein


Did you know that Einstein was denounced as mentally handicapped at one point in his life? He later became one of the most recognized Nobel Prize winners in Physics despite the arguments that some of his theories were stolen from the patent office that he worked at.


2. Colonel Sanders


The man whose recipe was not accepted 1008 times, later became so successful that people today recognize those 3 Letters as synonymous with good chicken. Which three letters you ask? K.F.C. of course!

Now the fact that he has contributed 10% of revenue to the KKK is of slight controversy no doubt.


1. Clint Eastwood


He was fired from Universal Studios movie in the 60s’ because “they told him his Adam’s apple stuck out too far, he talked too slow and he had to get that chipped tooth fixed.” Imagine who would have had that iconic line, “Do you feel lucky punk??”, if Eastwood hadn’t continued and persevered in the industry.

Eastwood is now an unparalleled director of many films.


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