5 Healthy Travel Snacks To Bring With You

1. Fruits


Fruits will always be the best on-the-go snack. They’re light on the stomach and are easily digested but can provide much needed instant energy boost. But opt for whole fruits and not the pre-cut ones. When cut fruits are kept uneaten for a long period of time without proper storage may get contaminated and cause health issues. Or if you’re preparing sliced fruits for convenience, make sure to wash it before cutting and store the slices in lidded food containers and an insulated cooler. This is to ensure the fruits stay fresh. Another option for fruits is dried. Just keep in mind, half a cup of dried fruits is equals to a cup of fresh fruits. Here are some fruit suggestions:


Dried apricots





2. Veggies


Veggies, just like fruits, will always be your best bud when it comes to traveling. Eat it raw after washing and getting prepped. When sliced, it should be stored in an insulated cooler to keep its freshness. You can also bring dips to add protein and good fats to get your energy level high and hunger meter low. Here’s a short list of veggies and dips you can consider:


Celery sticks

Baby carrots

Snap peas

Cauliflower and broccoli floret




Peanut butter



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