4 Earth Questions Left Unanswered

Science had answered a lot of questions but there are some that are still being studied and a few more left hanging. Earth Science, in particular, has a list of the biggest unanswered questions. Experts are attempting different approaches to finding the answer but as of the moment, nothing has come yet. We have a few of these questions and maybe you can find the answers to them.


1. How did life begin? Where does life come from?


The Earth’s atmosphere was different billions of years ago and today. That’s what scientist know. The answer to this question is all theories and there is no on straight to the point answer to this. Everyone must’ve heard of Charles Darwin and his modern theory of evolution, life had adapted and changed over time. Each species can be traced back to one common ancestor but the theory of revolution can only take a far as the oldest evidence of life on Earth, 4 billion years ago. But then again Earth has been around longer than that. Molecular biologists are making great steps in understanding life. There is no exact answer how life started. What science only has to offer is the path to understanding life.

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