3 Tips to Improve Your Workout Nutrition

Apply this three tips and change your workout nutrition for the best one…


Sometimes we focus so much on increasing our muscle mass and strength that we forget about our nutrition.

So if you are looking to learn some tips and tricks to improve your overall health and nutrition make sure to read entire article.

1. The Post Workout Window is Flexible

For decades we were taught that the “anabolic window” was short lived and you had to consume something immediately after training or else your “gains” were lost.

Well, fortunately for our neuroticism Brad Schoenfeld and Alan Aragon recently laid this myth to rest in their paper, “The effect of protein timing on muscle strength and hypertrophy: a meta-analysis”.

Now don’t get me wrong, post-workout nutrition is important, and their paper indicated there may be some benefit, you just don’t have to slam a protein shake within 20 minutes of lifting.

You might get a little more out of your training if you get some protein and carbohydrates in immediately following training but you will get similar results if its within 2-3 hours of training.

The biggest single determinant of muscle growth is your protein and caloric intake in a given day.

Essentially, make sure your full days of eating is dialed in and then stress out about the post-workout window. And even then, your window is a lot longer than you think

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