21 Brilliant Hacks No Parent Should Live Without

Being a parent is hard enough. It’s a responsibility that carries on until a child hits adulthood, and don’t we all wish that there was a manual or guide of some sort?

Well here at Viral Smoke, we have a list of 21 things that should at least make some part of parenting easier. Try out these hacks and let us know if any of them were helpful to you!

Paint-chup containers

ketchup bottles with paint


Instead of having paint all over the house, this is one neat (no pun intended) way to keep those colors separated and organized.

Baby Gardening

gardening with babies


Trying to do gardening outdoors when you have a toddler or baby around might seem challenging. This idea not only solves that problem but it also prevents precious from being bitten by mosquitoes and too much sun exposure as well.

Chalk Deodorant

Ever played with sidewalk chalk? Yes, kids can explore their artistic creativity but it can get PRETTY messy. This idea not only solves the messy problem, the chalk retracts as well! So go dig up your old deodorant bottles and try this one out.

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