20 Quick Facts About Donald Trump’s Children

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 20 Quick Facts

With the election coming in November 2016 and the heated debates over nominees, we want to learn a little more about the candidates right? Apart from what is shown in mass media, what do we really know about Donald Trump? Here is something that we know:
He has been married 3 times and has 5 children. His longest marriage was to Ivana Zelnícková (1977-1992), which ended in divorce. Trump then married actress Marla Maples in 1993 and they called it quits in 1999. His current wife, Melania Knauss-Trump, married Trump in 2005. He has 3 children from his first marriage with Ivana – Donald Jr, Ivanka and Eric. Read more about the Trumps below.

1. Ivanka Trump, 34 – Middle Child Of Donald and Ivana



We’ve all seen her in The Apprentice, reality show series but Trump’s eldest daughter Ivanka, has also become a successful businesswoman in her own right.

2. Donald Trump Jr. – Also a Penn Graduate



Just like his father, Donald Junior was alumni of the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. Upon graduating, junior took a year off to party in Aspen, Colorado, before settling down and working for his father.

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