20 Examples That Outsourcing Can Be A Bad Idea

As a site that strives to bring entertaining and good content, we work with a variety of sources to get good articles written, engaging images etc. However, some work that we outsource comes back with like, “WTH were they thinking when they did this??” type of results… Here is one of them below. It was supposed to be a slideshow about 20 Funny Notes Left in The Office written with some quippy captions, but after reading the first paragraph, we knew it was a disaster.

So instead of editing it, we are sharing it with you AS IS. ENJOY! (Items in Italics are Outsourced Work)

Working with people, who in most cases were strangers before you met them first at your place of work could be both funny and frustrating. This is due to the fact that what is fun for one person would be pain for someone else and vice versa. Issues can thus always rise up due to colleagues purposely or mistakenly doing funny stuffs that are always frustrating to the person it is directed towards. While it could be more tolerable when they are mistakenly done, people doing things purposely could create a whole lot of problem.

For those who do not like trouble as such, they sometimes try to put up notes. People however sometimes play pranks with these notes that the best decision is that you should not reply. Here are some of the funniest of these notes.

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