16 Things Every Woman Should Have in Her Bag

Every woman carries a bag with her wherever she goes. We should know that it is more than just a bag, it is something that carries things that you’ll need. But what should go inside it?


1. Cash/Spare Change


This is also like a backup plan in case your debit card demagnetize and also because not everyone takes a card as payment. It can be stored separately from your wallet just in case it gets stolen or misplaced. Having cash or spare change is convenient when you want to make small purchases, a bottle of water, a newspaper, a cute charm sold in the sidewalk, a tip at a coffee shop or a couple of coins for the street performers.


2. Snack


We all have our own favorite snack, right? Bringing one or two with you in your bag is essential. You might be stuck in traffic as lunch approaches or you’re finishing up some work and have no time yet to have a proper meal, this is where you can use a healthy snack. Having one with you can also stop you from stopping by fast food restaurants and binge eating.

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