13 Ways to Rock The Denim Look

Summer’s coming and denim is having a resurgence. But all this time denim had been part of almost everyone’s wardrobe. Admit it; you have a pile of them in your closet and you’re looking for a perfect time to pull them out. But how do you pull off the denim look? Well, you’ll need personal style and inspiration! And we have some outfit ideas that’ll make you fall in love with denim all over again.


1. Button Down Shirt and Wide-Leg Denim


A loose button down shirt over wide-leg denim actually works and is ultra-cool! It’s a total street style.


2. Frayed Edge Jeans and Printed Tee


Style up your jean’s frayed hem with a printed tee. Because plain jeans are boring and printed tee is fun!


3. Denim Jacket and Slim Fit Tee


You can have it buttoned up or down. The tee will accentuate the jean jacket. A contrast is with the top and bottom is best to avoid a uniformed look.


4. High Waist Jeans and Tee


Tuck that shirt in your high waist jeans. Don’t cover that high waist jean hugging your curves. Show ’em off, tuck your tee.


5. Blouse and Denim Skirt


Plus thigh high boots! A perfect get up for the winter but can also work on chilly days or the summer (just switch thigh high boots with sneakers). Anything can be paired with a denim skirt, just mix and match!

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