12 Things To Know Before Going to Australia – Or Else!

7. Active volcanoes? Not really

source: http://www.earthtimes.org/newsimage/australian-volcanoes-overdue-eruption-warn-scientists_57.jpg

In the last century, there haven’t been any volcanic eruptions in Australia. The most recen was in the Newer Volcanic Province in Victoria. Experts cannot predict the next eruption but there have been rare earthquakes, with the last one detected in 1976.

Australia is home to a 2,000 kilometer stretch of volcanoes – 400 of which are in the Newer Volcanic Province, the primary region where Australia’s active volcanoes lie but no need to cancel your Australia getaway. There won’t be any volcanic activity soon.

The frequency of eruption estimated is once every 10,000 years which means it won’t happen in this lifetime.

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