12 Things To Know Before Going to Australia – Or Else!


1. Scorching hot sun

source: http://www.smh.com.au/content/dam/images/g/k/1/l/b/p/image.related.articleLeadwide.620×349.gk9uzo.png/1445893148789.jpg

The Australian sun is literally scorching hot and that is not an exaggeration. We are basked in the same sun as theirs but for some environmental reason, Australia’s sun is unbearably hot – enough to toast your skin in just under 30 minutes.

The temperature sits at 30 degrees Celsius and can reach up to mid-40s, a point where even the breeze breathes fire.

So pack-up a handful of sunscreen bottles and remember to spend only a little time under the sun. Cover up and stay hydrated. You never want to end up having a heat stroke in the middle of your Australian vacation.

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