12 Heartbreaking “Game of Thrones” Moments

Maester Luwin’s Sacrifice

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Winterfell falls into the hands of Theon’s Ironborn. On the other hand, Maester Luwin had helped Bran and Rickon escape and was left mortally wounded. Deep inside him, he knew he won’t live long for the world of ice and fire, so he asked Osha to give him the final stab of mercy.


Bathtub Breakdown

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Ever since Jaime Lannister killed the Mad King it marked the rough and redemptive road for him. People throw hate at him and the weight of it all caused him to crumble and breakdown in a bathtub. This touching moment with Brienne is what transformed the “Kingslayer” into a character the fans love


The Worst of the Worst

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The Red Wedding is awful but there’s a sad and heart-wrenching moment towards the end. It’s when Caitlyn was trying to give an opportunity to Rob, a chance to flee. She was begging her son to save himself while she had Walder Frey’s wife as a hostage. But Rob can only mourn the death of his wife.

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