12 Heartbreaking “Game of Thrones” Moments

Aside from the scary, violent, and badass moments in the Game of Thrones TV Series, it also has a handful of touching and tear-jerking moments. Nobody saw the tears coming. Not when the most heartbreaking scenes pop up in the middle of nowhere sometimes even amidst a horrific scene. So what are these moments that sent everyone crying their eye out?


Orders to Kill

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The show really loves tragic twists. Joffrey heartlessly ordered The Hound to execute the Butcher’s Boy, Arya’s friends Mycah. And the tragic order to kill doesn’t end with Mycah’s. Cersei ordered to behest Sansa’s dire wolf, Lady, and Arya had to shoo away Nymeria, her wolf, to save her life.


Ned’s Beheading

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One of the ‘Game of Thrones’ most jaw-dropping deaths, Ned’s beheading. But what’s worse is Arya and Sansa are both there to witness the horrible execution. Sansa is on the steps of the Sept and Arya is out in the crowd being shielded by Yoren from the horror that is happening before their eyes. The sisters aren’t together but it is evident that they share the same emotion of sorrow in their eyes.

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