11 Things You Always Use But Had No Idea What They Were For

Have you ever noticed something and questioned its existence? I mean what is it for really? Something that piqued your curiosity but you couldn’t seem to find the answer?

Here are the 10 things you use but probably had no idea what they really were used for, take note:


1. Hole between the camera and flash of the iPhone


Surely you have asked yourself several times why that darn hole was there… its function is more than just a microphone. There are noise canceling capabilities that come with that hole.

If you are on a call, this hole helps the other person hear your voice while the rest of the sounds disappear or decrease. It is also helpful when you want to talk to Siri.


2. Lapel


It is the folded flaps of cloth on the front of the jacket or coat. Back in the day, the military had the habit of unbuttoning the first part of their jacket for them to be more comfortable and since then the cut remained. Lapels have a buttonhole on the left and is intended for a boutonniere.


3. Texture of toilet paper


Depending on the brand, toilet paper varies in size, color, price, colors, etc., but a feature that all toilet paper share is the texture. Not having such edges would make it impossible to grab the “waste” and you can imagine the mess this would cause.


4. Book flap


The flap is the strip that seems to be left in with a double fold that almost always appears with a biography of the author. Its purpose is a separator or it can also be used as a bookmark. The flap will help you find where you last stopped reading.


5. Shoulder pads


Fashion trends and faux pas’ always makes a comeback and shoulder pads were no exception. It seeks to achieve the appearance of a wider and more masculine back. The pads leave a sophisticated touch according to experts. It is not only exclusive to men since females also adopted this fashion statement.

Bring back the neon!


6. Throat bell (tonsils?)


It is the one in charge of directing the food to the esophagus and the absence of it can lead the food to the larynx. Also, it is responsible for making us pronounce some sounds better.

So this isn’t your tonsils?


7. Third plug


Avoid getting stuck in the current because it has the ability to direct the energy left over to avoid an overload and prevents the device from exploding. More like a ground wire really.


8. Two holes in tennis shoes


They have two functions; for your feet to have the necessary perspiration and the ability to tie your laces differently leaving your shoe to fit tighter.

Think Adidas and their collection of shoes.


9. The navel


Even though moms take care to clean them since babyhood, it does not really have any function. It’s just the scar left by removing the umbilical cord.

These days many girls to decorate it with an earring for a fashion statement.


10. Shoes heel


It is responsible for being a base for the shoe as all the weight falls on it. The heel is also responsible for making the foot smaller and legs longer, in addition, adding a few more inches to your height.

11. Fabric patch


Bet you thought that this was to mend your clothes that might have ripped right? WRONG!

Manufacturers include this piece so that you can test your laundry detergent or other chemicals and how it would react to the material.

Possibly you already knew the use of some and others you did not know, which one did you find more interesting?

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