11 Reasons You’re Not Building Muscle

  1. You have no post workout nutrition

After a hard workout, it is the most important time to fuel your body. You just used your carbs for energy, your body is looking to replace your carb/glucose levels, and in need for amino acids and protein to start repairing your muscle tissues. The majority of folks believe that a basic whey healthy protein shake is all that’s needed after your exercise. However the body needs carbs as well as protein and amino acids.

Exactly what you consume throughout the day, as well as 1.5-3 hrs. just before your exercise is going to influence exactly how much power you have throughout your workout.

Exactly what should you have in your pre exercise dish? Carbs, below are healthy carbs to consume.

Wild rice.

Sweet Potatoes



  1. You’re not inspired and motivated for Building Muscle

If you’re not getting results it might be due to absence of inspiration. Can you say you gave ONE HUNDRED % at the gym and on your meals? Keep your mind in the right place, be inspired. Here are ways to help with it:

Maintain a training journal.

Take before and after images.

Have a role-model

Stay engaged with fitness sites

Educate yourself

Watch and inspiring video

Listen to music that pumps you up

There are the reasons people are not gaining muscle, change them around and see how your body will change. If you like it please share!

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