11 Reasons You’re Not Building Muscle

  1. You have actually been making use of the exact same exercise too long.

Building muscle is simply the process of the body reacting to increased stress. You put stress on your muscles in the gym. The body adapts to workout and foods and change no longer takes place, this is called plateau. You must challenge your body to put stress on the muscles in order for them to grow.

  1. You’re not concentrated on development.

You need boost at the very least one element of your exercise every week. Just before every exercise you ought to look back at just what you did the previous week, specific weights and also reps. Select what you will improve on maybe more reps, faster speed, less rest, or higher weight.

  1. Your workout technique is not correct

You’re doing the best workouts, however are you doing them? If you want to place the maximum amount of stress on the muscle, and prevent serious injuries, you have to execute every movement with good form.

-Be in controlled of the movement.

-Do not use momentum

-Don’t lock out your joints the end of movements

-Think about contracting your muscle

– Use full range of motion

  1. You’re not getting enough rest for building muscle

Rest is just as important as training. Many people believe that muscle building takes place in the gym, but it’s actually the opposite. Weight training is actually creating millions of tears in the muscle tissue. In effect, you’re actually damaging the muscle. Your muscles get “pumped up” because of the swelling caused and increased blood flow to the area. The actual muscle building (repair and growth of new muscle tissue) takes place out of the gym, when you’re resting and sleeping.

There are 2 methods to rest. Take a rest day off of your workout regimen so you do not over train and also get enough rest throughout the night so your body can repair.

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