11 Hollywood Celebrities Before and After Plastic Surgery

3. Kelly Rowland

source: https://ioneglobalgrind.files.wordpress.com

Since the age of 18, the singer wanted to get breast implants but her mom told her to think about it carefully. Well, she did. After 10 years of waiting and thinking, Rowland got her breasts enhanced. She exposed her new figure to the public in 2016 during the Art of Elysium Heaven Gala.


4. Lil Kim

source: https://thedailymisanthropy.files.wordpress.com

Make-up, wigs, and colored contacts, Lil Kim had always been changing her looks. When the rapper showed up in March 2016 on the red carpet at an event for Angel Brinks Fashion, it was noticed that her looks changed permanently. She got a little work done but nevertheless, she looked unrecognizable. Lil Kim denied the rumors but experts confirm that she’s done plastic surgery and skin bleaching treatment. The then brown-skinned cutie from the 90s is now gone.

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