11 Hollywood Celebrities Before and After Plastic Surgery

It is no surprise that plastic surgery in Hollywood is common, they’re obsessed with it. Whether it is a simple nose job or a set of body enhancement from head to toe, most celebs had done it. A handful of them admitted and others deny it but see for yourself if these celebs had gone under the knife.


1. Melissa Gorga

source: https://peopledotcom.files.wordpress.com

There has been a long ongoing rumor about a plastic surgery issue targeting the television personality. And finally, in October 2016, Gorga finally faced the topic and admitted to getting a nose job. “Let’s be honest, it’s the worst-kept secret that I’ve had a nose job,” she said.


2. Meg Ryan

source: https://pmchollywoodlife.files.wordpress.com

Looking back to her appearance in the 1989 movie “When Harry Met Sally”, the actress’ appearance is totally different. Her dramatic changed was noticed during the Tony Award in June 2016. An expert plastic surgeon claimed that Meg had work done on her face, too much. Although there wasn’t an official statement regarding the issue and people seem to agree. The drastic change is undeniable.

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