10 Times Asians Made Our Visit To Their Continent A Hilarious Experience With Their English T-Shirt Fails

There are many different cultures and languages that can be found on this one planet that we humans live on. It is just too great to imagine. Some of us may fall in love with cultures and languages otherwise from our own, maybe because of the activities that are involved in the culture and the sound of the language. In order to embrace our love for this diverse society, we boast souvenirs, participate in the practices and even wear the language on our clothes. However, there is a problem that comes with the latter. What if it doesn’t quite translate to what you want it to mean?

Translation fails on t-shirts is a mistake commonly made by clothing manufacturers, especially from East Asia. While some of them translation read to mean nothing but nonsense, there are some that have totally given us a reason to laugh like there’s no tomorrow.

Check out these 10 hilarious translation fails made on clothing manufactured in Asia.

  1. Sweaters that match for your favorite and your least favorite children.

asia translation fail 1

  1. All hail Obamao! Wait… Who’s Obamao?

asia translation fail 2

  1. Yes, whatever that means, please don’t do it to her sister!

asia translation fail 3

  1. Precise Dwarf Bravery? Let me know when it makes sense, please.

asia translation fail 4

  1. Dear, this might not be the best t-shirt to wear when you’re traveling the world.

asia translation fail 5

  1. Apparently, Mickey is no longer a mouse but a mouth.

asia translation fail 6

  1. Maybe too much internet for this person.

asia translation fail 7

  1. I love CASIO.

asia translation fail 8

  1. Failing badly in Geography huh?

asia translation fail 9

  1. The only noise you’d be making after that is screeching screams.

asia translation fail 10


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