10 Places Americans Should Visit: It’s Just Around America!

7. Crater Lake, Oregon


Around 7,700 years ago, the lake formed after a vicious eruption prompted the collapse of its top. It once stood 12,000 feet high but after its collapse, the crater became the deepest lake in the United States with 1,943 feet in depth.

The caldera lake, resting in the pit of a dormant volcano, is in the south of Central Oregon is famed for its deep blue water. Aside from the crystal clear water, it is also well-known the full-sized tree (now a stump) dipping vertically in the lake for over a century. It is called “Old Man of the Lake” and the secret of its longevity is the low temperature of the water. Scientists had claimed the lake as the clearest and cleanest large body of water in the world. Crater Lake is also home to a variety of wildflowers, lichens, conifers, pine trees, black bears, spotted owls, and mountain lions. It’s a heaven for those who want a breath of fresh air and a splash of clean water.

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