10 Places Americans Should Visit: It’s Just Around America!

2. Nāpali Coast State Park, Hawaii


Napali translated as high cliffs, is found in the northwest part of the Kauai Island and is the oldest inhabited Hawaiian island. It was established to protect the Kalalau Valley but later on, it had attracted attention for its wonders.

Running from side to side of the park is a steep footpath that cuts through 5 valleys. The famous coastline is known for its tall pali (sea cliffs), narrow valleys, streams, and cascading waterfalls. Native plants and timeworn agricultural terraces lined the path rugged terrain. It had been constantly visited by hikers who take on the challenging and treacherous hiking trail. Whether you’re visiting to hike or just to witness the view, every will enjoy the majestic coastline. Earlier in the year, the state park was given the title best state park in Hawaii for landscape photography.


3. Zion National Park, Utah


William Howard Taft named the place as a National Monument to protect the canyon. A decade later, the director of the National Park Service changed the name to Zion, the one used by the Mormons when they came to the area.

The geology of the park features an almost 150 million years of Mesozoic-aged sedimentation, natural arches, slot canyons, monoliths, plateaus, and hills. A variety of unusual plants species and animal diversity inhabits the national park. The park’s scenic drive leads to a forest trail along the river that boasts its waterfalls and hanging garden.


4. Nantucket, Massachusetts


Its name, which is similar to the Algonquian island names, is translated to “far away land/island”. In 1966, the National Park Service designated the isolated island as a National Historic Landmark District.

The town was a 19th-century wailing hub and it was all recounted in its Whaling Museum. Restaurants, boutiques, and churches are lined on the cobblestone streets and dune-backed beaches are a sight during the summer time.

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