10 Photos That Will Prove To Adults With No Kids That They Haven’t Experienced Even A Tip Of The Parenting Iceberg As Yet

Adults that have no kids should never underestimate the work that comes with having to take care of children. Some of these adults always have some of the wisest advices to offer about taking care of children. They say “you gotta be calm”, “you gotta be loving”, and “you gotta be fun.” We agree, but what we can’t get them to understand is that it is much more than that and having children means you will have to expect the unexpected.
Half of the reasons why no-children adults may love kids so much has to do with the fact that they don’t have the little rascals running around otherwise from when they come to visit their friend that does have kids. Well, we couldn’t prove them wrong by sharing our stories, so we have to give them proof with pictures. Here are 10 photos of adorable, innocent kids being terribly cheeky.

1. Two hours earlier, a 911 call was made to report a missing kid.

kids 1

2. Play time not so playful at all.

kids 2

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