10 Must Watch Documentaries Of All Times

A documentary is a nonfiction movie that captures reality and reveals an unknown and unusual side of a topic. Interesting isn’t it? If you’re looking for a documentary recommendation, we have a list for you.


1. The Corporation

source: https://i.ytimg.com

The 2003 Canadian documentary film is directed by Mark Achavar and Jennifer Abbott and written by Joel Bakan (a professor at University of British Columbia). The Corporation was nominated for over 26 international awards and had grossed around $4.6 million worldwide. The documentary is centered on the modern-day corporations and capitalism. In the past century, corporations applied and considered themselves as persons, which means they are given constitutional rights. And since these corporations are persons, they can be hungry and greedy sociopaths who seek power. They had the world in their palms, controlling everything like a puppet. There is no happy ending to this documentary because in real life it hasn’t ended.

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