10 Countries Who Desperately Wants Their People To Have More Sex

A nation’s future capabilities lie on many things and this includes fertility. A country needs to reach the “replacement fertility” the rate into which new births takes the spaces left by deaths. But it isn’t easy with the varying cultural and economic forces. Only have of the world can hit the two children per woman rate and the other half? They are in a continuous struggle of encouraging the population to have more sex.


1. Denmark


The small Nordic country is in its lowest birth rate in 27 years. It is down to 1.73 children per woman and is not enough to maintain the population. Sexologists believed that one of the reasons why Denmark’s birth rate is low is because Danes are too busy to have sex. One in five couples is childless. An average Danes woman to give birth to a child is 29 years old but others still wait until they are over 35 thus couples rely more on fertility treatments to conceive. To address the problem, a Danish travel company, Spies Rejer, have come up with incentives to persuade women to get pregnant. Three years’ worth of baby supply for couples who conceived on a vacation booked through them, a child-friendly holiday for the couple once they can prove that they conceive while on a Spies holiday. The travel company also made a sexy campaign video “Do It For Mom”. It encourages couples to have kids to give their precious mothers as a grandchild. If you aren’t doing it for your own family, at least do it for Denmark.


2. Romania


In the 1960s, Romania’s population growth flat lined and the government was forced to impose 20% income tax for childless couples as well as implemented a provision that made divorce almost impossible. “If you cannot contribute to the community by conceiving a child at least contribute dollars”. For the next two decades, women were forced for gynecological exams to ensure pregnancies but this policy did not last long after a change in leadership. A decree was issued to increase the population. Decree 770 restricts abortion and contraception, two of the most common family planning method Romanian uses. Infant mortality rates had decreased through the years and the administration hope for a continuous improvement in the population.

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